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July 24, 2019

The Training Hub for College Athletes in the Bay Area

By C.J. “Off the Bounce”

Half a mile down the road from the University of San Francisco (USF) is a training ground where members of the USF men’s basketball team sacrifice their summers to be forged into elite Division I athletes. Located on Geary Boulevard, Advanced Wellness is a gym that some would consider relatively small. Every square inch is utilized! Ranging from the motivational quotes that are scattered throughout the building to the state of the art equipment, Advanced Wellness specializes in fortifying athletes and average Joe’s alike.

Advanced Wellness has become a second home for Dons star point guard Frankie Ferrari.  Ferrari has trained at Advanced Wellness for over a year now and is making strides in preparation for his senior year at the Hilltop.

AW Image 3
Leo Shveyd preparing for the testing phase of his basketball development program.

Co-owner and Program Designer Leo Shveyd (A.K.A. The enforcer/The”Mad Scientist”) traded in his suit, tie and briefcase for a stopwatch and gym shorts (Currently a non-practicing lawyer that is still eligible to practice law in the state of California). Shveyd serves as Ferrari’s personal trainer (Shveyd also trains USF Power Forward Matt McCarthy, and USF Shooting Guard Alum Chase Foster-who aspires to play overseas.).

“The first step was getting him to be available. Frankie made tremendous strides in the strength room as well as on the hardwood last year,” Shveyd said.

“The cool thing about Frankie is prior to starting at AW (Advanced Wellness), he had not made it through a basketball season in the prior four years. Last year was the first (we missed our goal of no practices and games by one; he missed one practice). I always tell my athletes that your number one ability is your availability. If you’re not available, even if you’re Frankie Ferrari, you can’t help anybody win games from the bench,” preached Shveyd.

“The type of training we do is generalized at first, can you do the basic movements? Can you squat? Can you deadlift? Performing all the basic movements is critical when first starting out,” Shveyd said.

The programming then shifts to higher intensity basketball related workouts.

AW Image

Shveyd sets the bar high with all his athletes including Ferrari.

“When you’re an aspiring athlete, you want to compare yourself to what you can be. But also, you want to compare yourself to the best in the world,” said Shveyd.

Shveyd has tailored a program for Ferrari by studying elite undersized guards with proven track records. In years past, articles circulated throughout the basketball hemisphere that Golden State Warriors All Star Point Guard and two-time MVP Stephen Curry can deadlift upwards of 400 pounds.

“Deadlifting has a high transferability to basketball players. Having good abs and hips sets the tone for the rest of your body, and allows athletes to have great body control.”

Deadlifting Frankie
PC: Leo Shveyd

Shveyd preaches the fundamentals of health first and foremost such as proper hydration, nutrition, adequate sleep and effective breathing practices. Shveyd implements these strategies to all his clients.

“Breathing is not only the most important thing you do in life, but also in performance training. It’s a hard sell for a lot of athletes. Many check out and lose interest quickly because mastering the art of breathing is technical.”

“Mastering your breath is the prerequisite to everything in life. This allows people to perform in high stress environments,” Shveyd said.

“We can expect a tremendous attitude and unparalleled effort. In a world fixated on outcomes, the only thing we can control is our attitude and effort. With Frankie, you get 100 percent in both respects.” -Leo Shveyd Co-owner/Program Designer at Advanced Wellness

Shveyd was quick to point out that effective breathing practices conditions the nervous system which allows athletes to perform and exert themselves at “lower Rpm’s”.

“Most basketball players and athletes in general only know stressful breathing strategies or high Rpm’s. This type of breathing reduces a players likelihood to succeed late in games.”

“Frankie was already an efficient breather before he stepped foot into our gym and he continues to improve.”

“We do the same thing with a mom at home with three kids. Get her healthy, a better athlete (fitter and stronger), the same principles apply.”

The first basketball player that arrived at Advanced Wellness was electrifying  5’7″  guard and Oakland native Vincent “Tutu” Golson. Golson suffered two MCL sprains in the span of seven months. Once he arrived at Advanced Wellness, Golson was back on the court two weeks later.

Several players including Ferrari are reaping the benefits of what Shveyd refers to as a the “Road Map to Elite Level Performance”. Needless to say, Shveyd is busy as numerous basketball players from all different levels (both male and female) are migrating to his gym.

When asked about his expectations of Ferrari, Shveyd preaches falling in love with the process first and foremost.

“We can expect a tremendous attitude and unparalleled effort. In a world fixated on outcomes, the only thing we can control is our attitude and effort. With Frankie, you get 100% in both respects,” Shveyd said adamantly.

Tale of the tape!

Frankie 2


January 14, 2019

The “Why, What & How” Of Warm-Up Fitness Routines in 2019

Fitness pros (professionals for whom health and performance matter) warm-up for your training workout!

There are four elements that can be trained into any human: The spirit, the mind, the body and craft (or intended skill). Each element has a gradual beginning (warm-up) on the way to reaching the peak of your work-out, followed by a decline back to a resting state.

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October 5, 2018

Playing The Transformation Game: 6 Steps to Successful Body Transformations

By Leo Shveyd
Co-Owner of Advanced Wellness | Personalized Training & Sports Performance, San Francisco, CA

With more humans being exposed to thousands of images per day due to the digital age, many individuals seek a physical transformation to what they envision as their “ideal body”. In order to accomplish this goal, there are many factors that can be manipulated.

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July 23, 2018

To Better Health for Your Feet: Tips About Athletic Shoes & Performance

By Leo Shveyd
Co-Owner of Advanced Wellness: Personalized Training & Sports Performance, San Francisco, CA

The FEET, ah, the feet. For as long as humans have pedaled the earth, the feet have served as the foundation of our bodies in locomotion (walking, running, etc.). They are designed to be very sensitive, with over 200,000 nerve-endings, the third most nerve endings of anywhere in the body. Simply put, your feet are made to feel; feel sharp objects, temperature (heat and cold), pain, the ground, feel everything.

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July 18, 2018

San Francisco Fitness Coach Spotlight: Meagan McGovern

You may or may not have met Coach Meagan. She’s a busy teacher and Advanced Wellness fitness Coach!  Meagan was born and raised in San Francisco. She graduated from University of San Francisco and now teaches 5th grade at Sherman Elementary School.

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September 10, 2017

A Road Map to Elite-Level Athletic Performance

By Leo Shveyd
Co-Owner of Advanced Wellness Personalized Training & Sports Performance, San Francisco, CA

About a year ago, Advanced Wellness had the pleasure of working with Vincent “Tutu” Golson, a local college basketball player. When I met Tutu in the summer of 2016, he had been sidelined for 16 days with an MCL sprain, the second such injury he had sustained in less than 9 months. After training at Advanced Wellness for a little less than two weeks, Tutu was back on the basketball court. Shortly thereafter, I got a call from a local basketball coach, Carl Jacobs, wondering what it was that we did so that Tutu was able to return to the court so quickly? I realized when I tried to explain to him what we do for “ALL” our athletes, that many of the same principles that we apply to every client at Advanced Wellness, everyday, are just as critically important for professional and amateur athletes just like Tutu.

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August 20, 2012

Composition, Function & Approach to Core Training

By Leo Shveyd, CSCS
Co-Owner of Advanced Wellness in San Francisco, CA (with consultation from Brett Jones)

During the two-and-half decades that I have been involved in fitness, the definition of “the core” and consequently, core training has evolved. Part of the evolution is subjective (meaning I have learned more about the topic) and part is objective (as a profession there is more and better information about the subject area). With so many great minds in the rehab and fitness arena contributing daily in the information age, a good deal of terrific data exists about the “the core”. In this article, I will attempt to define what makes-up the core, its functions and suggest an approach to core training.

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March 3, 2012

Elevating Your Functional Movement Screen: Effectiveness & Efficiency

By Leo Shveyd
Co-Owner, Advanced Wellness in San Francisco, CA

You are about to spend ten minutes (or perhaps less based on your efficiency) screening a new client whose aim is to improve their fitness, strength, endurance and overall athletic performance. One wise person I know says “better is better”, while another says “better, faster, cheaper”. So how can you be better (meaning obtain better information), yet save yourself and your fitness client valuable time? The purpose of this article is to examine this exact question and provide some insights into the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) approach to fitness training.

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January 17, 2012

Why We Use a Functional Movement Screen Approach at Advanced Wellness

By Leo Shveyd
Co-Owner, Advanced Wellness in San Francisco, CA

I was initially drawn to the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) in 2009 after Mel Young, a trusted San Francisco physical therapist showed me the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) book he received during his certification. I was so impressed by the material, its breadth, logic and how it was organized that I decided to research FMS. Ultimately, I became certified and two months after becoming Level I FMS certified, I completed the FMS Level II training and certification.

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