No, we believe that once you join Advanced Wellness, you’ll be hooked for life. We’re a family-owned fitness business, and you won’t experience any hidden fees or up-sells.

At Advanced Wellness, members receive annual contracts because we want to ensure that we work with you on your fitness goals throughout the year to achieve the results you want. If a member moves out of the area, becomes injured or is otherwise unable to work out for other reasons, we will certainly be fair and accommodate these situations on a case-by-case basis. If a member decides to just stop coming to us and wishes to cancel their annual contract, they are free to do that but will pay (retroactively) our higher month-to-month rate for the elapsed term of their annual contract.

We run gym referral promotions year-round so you are definitely rewarded for introducing your friends to Advanced Wellness! Just ask us for details.

No – We foster an inclusive atmosphere where all ages, genders and beliefs are accepted equally. Training with a diverse group leads to a more holistic fitness experience for all.

Our nutrition specialists have formulated a broad range of healthy meal options to sustain appropriate energy levels while keeping you healthy and looking fit.  You will be asked to keep a food-log which will be analyzed by the nutritionist.  Specific recommendations will be provided based on the current food log and one’s ability to make sustainable changes.