One of the best ways to evaluate whether you would enjoy joining our San Francisco fitness gym and training team is to simply try us our for 2 weeks. Our 14-day trial membership offers an unparalleled value.

Your $99 trial membership includes a total custom fitness package valued at $464:

  • A Functional Movement Screen evaluation with a trainer to assess your current movement competency, asymmetries and determination of pain
  • An individualized, custom fitness training program specific to your training goals and level of fitness
  • One session with a private trainer to get you started
  • Four semi-private training sessions (no more than 4 trainees/coach)

Our members say that this benefit and being able to “try before I buy” is one of the top reasons they joined Advanced Wellness.

Here’s what you can expect, day-to-day, over the course of your 2-week Advanced Wellness member trial:

Day 1: Fitness Assessment and Personal Training Session

We start every member’s journey with an in-depth fitness assessment and workout session. This one-on-one session lasts 60-75 minutes and helps us understand where you are and how we can help you get to where you want to go. Be sure to come dressed in workout clothing and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Here’s what the session looks like:

Starting Point Session: One-on-one setting with the owner

    • Review of your Client Intake Form and goals
    • Movement Assessment (FMS)
    • Training session
    • Wrap up

Days 2 – 13: You will enjoy 4 semi-private personalized training sessions, have access to weekly yoga sessions and (if your fitness assessment clears you) access to team training sessions.

Here’s what our sessions include:

Semi-Private Sessions:

    • 1-hour, personalized training session
    • Small-group setting (4 or fewer clients per coach)
    • Individual warm-up coaching on your first session
    • Get to know the coaches and other clients

Team Training Sessions:

    • 1-hour
    • A high energy, fat-burning, metabolic conditioning or strength training session conducted in a group setting
    • Assumes you have no injuries, are familiar with our training methodology, and can demonstrate a requisite level of fitness

Day 14: Reassessment (On Point Session)

At the conclusion of your two weeks with us, we will:

    • Re-measure/re-assess your progress against the goals we defined on Day 1
    • Determine if our training program and format is right for you longer term

At the end of your trial membership, you can then decide if you’d like to continue with us and at what level of membership. And we mean what we say, there is no obligation if we’re not the right fit for you.

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