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    Our Team

Robbi Shveyd

Robbi Shveyd is a Co-owner, Trainer, and Nutritionist at Advanced Wellness. She grew in up in Los Angeles where she was involved in gymnastics, dance, and softball. Robbi has her bachelor’s in nutrition and master’s in kinesiology. Robbi whole- heartedly believes that attitude is everything and strives to be positive at all times while at Advanced Wellness! When a client is having a rough day, she simply thanks them for being at the gym that day and gives them props for just showing up. Robbi got involved in the health and fitness field because she truly loves helping others feel their best. She is our nutrition coach and counsels all members about how to get the most out what they put into their bodies. She is known as “Mama Bear” at the gym because she takes care of everyone (staff and clients alike!).

Favorite go-to snack: Apple with almond butter.

Favorite exercise: Single leg slider deadlifts.

Leo Shveyd

Leo Shveyd is the Co-owner and Program Designer at Advanced Wellness. He was born in the USSR and moved to the US when he was 7 where he grew up in Moraga, California. He played football and basketball growing up and has been involved in strength training since high school. He graduated from UC Davis and has a law degree from UC Hastings. He traded in the suit, tie and briefcase for shorts, a t-shirt, and gym bag back in 2004. Leo does all of the assessments for new members and is the “mad scientist” behind the awesome workouts at Advanced Wellness. When he is not at the gym, he is an adoring father to 2 daughters (athletes of course!) and LOVES spending time with them and wife, Robbi (also co-owner of AW). His nickname at the gym is “the enforcer” because he is meticulous about technique.

Favorite go-to snacks: Almonds, jerky, and avocados.

Favorite exercise: Single leg dead lift.

Diana Vaquareno

Diana (pronounced Dee-Anna) Vaquareno is a Strength Coach and “Director of Happiness” at Advanced Wellness. She grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from the University of San Francisco with a degree in Kinesiology in 2014. She played lots of club sports as a child including soccer, softball, track and hockey. When she is not spreading joy at Advanced Wellness, she loves watching movies and just walking around town. Diana believes that “success isn’t owned, it’s leased and rent is due everyday!” Her favorite inspirational quote is “Strength, no weakness” (in a Jamaican accent!). When Diana is at the gym, you will always hear a lot of “wooooo hooooo” and “you got it!” Her positive attitude is infectious and fills the gym. She is known as the cleaner-upper at Advanced Wellness because she is literally ALWAYS cleaning up when she is not coaching.

Favorite go-to snack: Banana.

Favorite exercise: SQUATS!

Meagan McGovern

Meagan McGovern is the Director of Marketing as well as a Coach at Advanced Wellness.  She was born and raised in San Francisco, where she played several sports growing up including soccer, volleyball and basketball.  In high school, she did musical theater, danced and played field hockey as well as lacrosse.  Clearly, she has fantastic energy and time management skills!   She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of San Francisco and is now a fifth-grade teacher at Sherman Elementary School.  When she is not teaching or coaching, she spends her time hanging out with family and friends, and traveling.  When a client is struggling to get through a workout, she ALWAYS reminds them of how far they have come and finishes each workout with a big high five and smile!  She is known as Meagan “Trainer” at the gym (an obvious play off of the singer Meghan Trainor).

Favorite on the go snack: Fruit, hummus and Lara Bars (she also is obsessed with La Croix water!).

Favorite Exercises: Kettlebell swings and jump squats.

Kelly Trzaskos

Kelly Trzaskos is the Head Trainer at Advanced Wellness. Kelly grew up in Michigan and made her way out to San Francisco in 2010. She was involved in many activities growing up including gymnastics, diving, and painting. She has a degree in digital illustration and is in charge of all things “creative” at Advanced Wellness!
She was Advanced Wellness’ first hire and has been coaching with us since the day we launched our new program in 2011. Kelly is affectionately known as “Drill Sargent Ginger “ around the gym because of her no-nonsense approach to coaching. She pushes people beyond what they think they can do each and every session! When she is not at the gym, you can find her out dancing, sewing costumes to wear dancing, creating amazing artwork or hiking. When a client is struggling at the gym, she reminds them of where they started on day one at the gym and relates to them by sharing her own workout struggles and successes.

Favorite on the go snack: Banana, almond butter, and almond milk shake

Favorite exercises: Turkish get-ups and deadlifts.