About Us

Our Mission:
We want to be the highlight of your day. Everyday!

Our Motto:
Look good, feel great and live life to the fullest!

Our Core Values:

  • We before Me
  • Unparalleled Dedication
  • Proactive
  • Passionate
  • Evolving

Our Story

randlTruth be told, Robbi and Leo Shveyd met in a gym, literally! They were in college at UC Davis and introduced by a friend while working out at the gym. The rest is history. While in graduate school, Robbi was training people in their homes and at small personal training studios throughout San Francisco. She ended up training almost all of her clients at the home of two of her clients, who referred her dozens more. When the couple that owned the home decided to sell their house, Robbi knew it was time to look for a more permanent home for her training business. AW-Personalized Training & Sports Performance first opened its doors in 2001 because Robbi couldn’t find the perfect place to train her clients in San Francisco. After 10 years in business, Leo, who was a practicing attorney, traded in the business suit and brief case for sweats and a gym bag. Together they set out to create an innovative concept in exercise that didn’t exist in San Francisco. The model is based on the idea that there is power and better results in numbers (of participants, that is!). They were frustrated with the gym industry and, simply put, fed up with gyms that were more interested in sales numbers than actual member happiness and results. Now, they are San Francisco’s fastest rising personalized training and sports performance gym. They have figured out a way to provide top-notch training and customization for a wide-array of clients, ranging from youth to professional athletes. Clients train cohesively in a clean, fun and safe setting, where the top priorities are member happiness and getting BETTER! So the story comes full circle. Robbi and Leo, who met at a gym back in 1994, now spend their days at a gym together changing people’s lives. AW was founded on the success of a few clients and built on the successes of countless others. Be a part of AW TEAM!

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