August 11, 2016

Robbi Shveyd

Robbi Shveyd is a Co-owner, Trainer, and Nutritionist at Advanced Wellness. She grew in up in Los Angeles where she was involved in gymnastics, dance, and softball. Robbi has her bachelor’s in nutrition and master’s in kinesiology. Robbi whole- heartedly believes that attitude is everything and strives to be positive at all times while at Advanced Wellness! When a client is having a rough day, she simply thanks them for being at the gym that day and gives them props for just showing up. Robbi got involved in the health and fitness field because she truly loves helping others feel their best. She is our nutrition coach and counsels all members about how to get the most out what they put into their bodies. She is known as “Mama Bear” at the gym because she takes care of everyone (staff and clients alike!).

Favorite go-to snack: Apple with almond butter.

Favorite exercise: Single leg slider deadlifts.