August 11, 2016

Leo Shveyd

Leo Shveyd is the Co-owner and Program Designer at Advanced Wellness. He was born in the USSR and moved to the US when he was 7 where he grew up in Moraga, California. He played football and basketball growing up and has been involved in strength training since high school. He graduated from UC Davis and has a law degree from UC Hastings. He traded in the suit, tie and briefcase for shorts, a t-shirt, and gym bag back in 2004. Leo does all of the assessments for new members and is the “mad scientist” behind the awesome workouts at Advanced Wellness. When he is not at the gym, he is an adoring father to 2 daughters (athletes of course!) and LOVES spending time with them and wife, Robbi (also co-owner of AW). His nickname at the gym is “the enforcer” because he is meticulous about technique.

Favorite go-to snacks: Almonds, jerky, and avocados.

Favorite exercise: Single leg dead lift.