March 19, 2015

Kelly Trzaskos

Kelly Trzaskos is the Head Trainer at Advanced Wellness. Kelly grew up in Michigan and made her way out to San Francisco in 2010. She was involved in many activities growing up including gymnastics, diving, and painting. She has a degree in digital illustration and is in charge of all things “creative” at Advanced Wellness!
She was Advanced Wellness’ first hire and has been coaching with us since the day we launched our new program in 2011. Kelly is affectionately known as “Drill Sargent Ginger “ around the gym because of her no-nonsense approach to coaching. She pushes people beyond what they think they can do each and every session! When she is not at the gym, you can find her out dancing, sewing costumes to wear dancing, creating amazing artwork or hiking. When a client is struggling at the gym, she reminds them of where they started on day one at the gym and relates to them by sharing her own workout struggles and successes.

Favorite on the go snack: Banana, almond butter, and almond milk shake

Favorite exercises: Turkish get-ups and deadlifts.